Does Kim Dao Interact With Her Social Media Followers?

You can find a huge difference when it comes to how celebrities and online personalities treat their followers. Celebrities tend to be on another scale as their fans cannot usually talk to them or interact with them without a guard standing in between. Even in social media, celebrities’ accounts are usually monitored and they seldom reply to fans.
Online personalities, however, have a closer bond with their followers as many of them have been around since the time the online personalities have small followings online. The connection is more personal and the interactions are closer; which makes it special in its own way.

Online Followers Are More Than Just Fans
For many people who have followed Kim Dao from the beginning, she is more than just someone that they follow online. She was someone whom they went to when they wanted to know more about traveling and more about Japan.
Dao started her online journey through her blogs and her Japan trip. It was her followers that wanted her to expand into videos and also to share more about her traveling experiences. With the help of their support, Dao has gained more following in recent years and has also started a wonderful career in travel, fashion and makeup all over Asia.

Social Media And How It Pulls People Closer
Dao would usually interact with her followers through her YouTube channel, her Instagram, her Tumblr, and other related social media. She loves to connect with people and share her experiences with them. For Dao, followers are more than just numbers, they are the people who supported her from the start and also those that keep supporting her until now.
For avid followers, they are supporting Dao especially now that she is entering another chapter of her life. Dao is still openly sharing her life through social media and you can see her talking with friends online as well as people who have been wishing her well with her future endeavors.