How Do You Make Italian Dining Upscale?

There are many dining establishment that claim of serving authentic Italian cuisine. However, in such establishment their names often include words like ristorante or trattoria and even osteria. While hearing these makes one believed of its authenticity – particularly because these are Italian-sounding and partly because the majority of the people do not quite understand what these means.  These terms hold a very distinct meaning in Italy in terms of history, culture, and economics while this classification system differentiates the exact type of eatery you are dining in. Likewise it indicates the class of the people dining in there. Refer to for a real upscale dining.

What are the designations of the dining establishments in Italy?

  • Ristorante – is a restaurant, a place that provides food and drinks served to their clientele. This is the upscale among the three and is also formal. In Italy the description if a restaurant is a ristorante it is an elegant and sophisticated dining establishment. These cater to people who are in the upper echelon in the society. They feature expensive food that is not dependent on the season and locality. Likewise they emphasize service etiquette and requires fork in their servings.
  • Trattoria – is the casual and less formal and is an unpretentious dining establishment. A bit formal when compared to the Osteria. It makes cuisines based on the favorites of certain locality and they offer varied seasonal menu. The local wine is sold while prices are low. This can offer luxurious dining too but less formal.
  • Osteria– this is the closes to a fast food venue.

Though the actual meaning of the above establishment is already lost at present both trattoria or osteria are already upscale restaurants, while there are ristorante that are not as fine as it should be. It is therefore best to check which of these restaurants are really up scale and provide fine dining.