What It Means When Drink Coasters Are Put On Top Of Glasses

Have you ever been to a bar and found a coaster placed right on top of a beer or beverage right beside you? What does it mean? Why do people do that? What message or signal they want to tell? Let’s find out.

The owner will be back; please don’t take the drink away

This message is for bartenders. They are trained to clean the table and never leave a mess behind. So if they see any unfinished glass of beer or bottle on the table, they would definitely take it can clean it. But if they saw drink coasters on top of the glass of beer, they will not take it. They will wait for a couple of minutes until the owner comes back and finish their drink.

The owner will be back; please don’t take the seat away

In a crowded bar with a very busy counter, you don’t want to lose your spot when you decide to get up and wash your hands. Putting a coaster on top of your drink signals your companions to look after your seat. That way, no one will take your spot while you are away.

Be considerate and practice proper etiquette

A coaster covering a glass of drink would send a message to someone to be considerate, respect, and practice proper etiquette by not taking your drink. However, it also means that you do the same thing. You should not leave your covered glass of drink for too long. Leaving it for two to five minutes would be okay, especially if you need to go to the toilet.

Leaving your drink unattended for 45 minutes or more is not a good trait. If you plan to be away for a long period, better finish your drink or just leave it there so that others can take a seat.