When One Pearl Bank Will Be Ready For Occupancy

If you’re interested in getting a condo at One Pearl, one of the things you’re looking forward to would be its date for occupancy. As of now, One Pearl is being developed by Capitaland which is one of the best residential developers in Singapore.

This means that if you’re looking for quality residential areas, Capitaland development is where you should go to. One Pearl is said to be completed in 2023 and it holds a lot of promise within it. Whether you are moving in as a single person r one that has a growing family, One Pearl is there to serve as your new home.

All You Need To Know About One Pearl
One Pearl is located in District 2 of Pearl Bank. It is said to be able to hold 774 units and is 39-stories. The estimated land size is about 82,376 sqft. The iconic Pearl Bank residents have been moved out in order to make way for the new construction.

According to Capitaland, they are sure that the new structure will have a much better design and will be one of the best modern places on Pearl’s Hill. There’s a lot of expectation with one pearl bank because it is designed by two world famous architects. One from Multiply Architects and another from London Serie Architects.

Sky Bridges With One Pearl Residences
One Pearl will feature two curved towers and is going to be the tallest residential building in the Outram and Chinatown area. Residents will be enjoying scenic views from CBD going to Sentosa.

If you’re looking for one of the best places to settle down, then this should be on your top choice. It’s one of the most highly anticipated and also one of the best residential projects in Singapore nowadays. It’s time to think of having a better future ahead of you.