Can You Use A Regular Kitchen Torch To Sear Sous Vide Foods?

For the general information of everybody, sous vide is a method of cooking foods which guarantees flawless dishes especially those involving the use of meat because it can produce a certain kind of environment for meat to be cooked in a certain way while at the same time, retaining the natural juices of the meat.

Given the complexity of such cooking, a lot of home cooks are deterred from making home cooked meals the sous vide style. While it can indeed guarantee very good results, the cooking utensils and accessories that are needed for this kind of method is only available for the professional chefs. Thus, the normal tendency is that they would rather use kitchen utensils that they normally have at home. More particularly for searing sous vide foods, some would rather use a regular kitchen torch thinking it can produce the same effect.

What is the effect of using regular kitchen torch:

This can produce blatant effects on your cooking. If you consider yourself a true cook and referring on this website, you would realize that it would definitely create different results in contrast to how you imagine the outcome of your cooking masterpiece would be.

Now, the tendency is that when you use a regular kitchen torch, you cannot achieve the ideal result that you want. Using a regular kitchen torch will not retain the juices of your meat. Because a regular torch has been used, it can result to dried searing and may even cause charring if not done well.

On the other hand, if you use a sous vide torch, you would be rest assured of the fact that your meat will be cooked in the ideal temperature that you want it to be cooked. At the same time, it preserves the natural juices of the meat making it to still look and taste juicy.