What It Means When Drink Coasters Are Put On Top Of Glasses

Have you ever been to a bar and found a coaster placed right on top of a beer or beverage right beside you? What does it mean? Why do people do that? What message or signal they want to tell? Let’s find out.

The owner will be back; please don’t take the drink away

This message is for bartenders. They are trained to clean the table and never leave a mess behind. So if they see any unfinished glass of beer or bottle on the table, they would definitely take it can clean it. But if they saw drink coasters on top of the glass of beer, they will not take it. They will wait for a couple of minutes until the owner comes back and finish their drink.

The owner will be back; please don’t take the seat away

In a crowded bar with a very busy counter, you don’t want to lose your spot when you decide to get up and wash your hands. Putting a coaster on top of your drink signals your companions to look after your seat. That way, no one will take your spot while you are away.

Be considerate and practice proper etiquette

A coaster covering a glass of drink would send a message to someone to be considerate, respect, and practice proper etiquette by not taking your drink. However, it also means that you do the same thing. You should not leave your covered glass of drink for too long. Leaving it for two to five minutes would be okay, especially if you need to go to the toilet.

Leaving your drink unattended for 45 minutes or more is not a good trait. If you plan to be away for a long period, better finish your drink or just leave it there so that others can take a seat.

Can You Find A Professional 3D Printer For Less Than 500 Dollars?

There are lots of existing devices for computers today. One of the most prominent is the 3D printers. There are also professional 3D printers with more improved functionality and the capacity to print more items.

3D printers are used to print objects with different shapes and sizes. It can cover all dimensions, angles, and corners, depending on the design. It is mostly used on cube-like objects like mugs, tumblers, and more.

What are professional 3D printers?

Professional 3D printers are those that are usually used in many industrialized and business projects. They are also used in highly engineered projects as well as the mechanical ones. They have more functionality and features that allow the user to create more style, angle, or cover different shapes. Therefore, the possibility is limitless.

Are they more expensive?

Because of the added features and functionalities, we can say that professional 3D printers would cost more than regular 3D printers. It would also depend on the brand name and other added accessories. Also, the size would matter in terms of price. If you want a bigger one for heavy-duty printing, then the price can go up.

Can we find cheaper ones?

If you are on a tight budget and you just want to use it in your home for personal purposes, yes, you can find a cheaper one. There are professional 3d printers under 500 dollars that you can find today. What you need is that you should know how to spot the right one for you and the project you are working on. Usually, affordable printers can work only on one particular shape. Well, if you are lucky, you can find ones that can do two or three. So you better look for the one that you really need specifically on your project. Also, try searching for durable and sturdy printers so they could last longer.

Who Makes The Best Truck Bed Liners?


If the pickup truck that you have purchase does not have a bed liner, then you will definitely require installing one to get the benefits that it provides. The bed liner protects the truck bed from getting damaged by whatever cargo it has to handle when hauling. It can likewise protect the bed from rust formation as it can seal off moist and water.


There are two types of bed liners in the market today and these are both capable of providing protection from scratches, bumps, heat, water and dirt. But each differs in some ways.

  1. Drop-in bed liner is the type that is usually made from plastic and is simply drop in place to the truck bed.
  2. Spray bed liner – is the type that are made from polyurethane base or analiphatic base but it requires spraying or brushing or using roller to allow it to cling to the metal truck bed.

Although there is a third option that they call the rubber bed mats, but this one is entirely for the purpose of a second layer protection and is not classified under the types.

Best Bed liner

If you want the choice of many, they have claimed that the best truck bed liner is the U-POL Truck bed liner which is cold in a kit that even contains a spray gun. It is from urethane formula and the reasons why it was chosen as the best is the fact that the kit it provides eases up the process. Ordinary owners can do the task of doing this since the instructions are clear, the spray gun is already an advantage, it dries quickly too.


Bed liners have a specific thickness that is ideal for it to be effective. Spraying more than this will not be ideal as it will result in the chipping off. So it is best to follow the instructions as to the number of coats needed. Also consider the preparation of the applicable areas to ensure there are no other substances or contaminants that can hinder the product from binding.

What Is A Drill Press Vise?

Knowledge at Work

When starting a job or an occupation, the first thing that you must learn is how to get the job done, and how it operates and works. There is no simple job to say at least. Ever job around the world requires skills, determination, and passion for someone to succeed in that specific field. Not everyone has been given the gift of talent, but through hard work and perseverance, you will develop the skill, and in the future, you might master it with all your heart.

Getting a job right now is hard, you have a lot of people to compete with. They have skills, talent, and maybe some other advantage over you. But the best thing that you can be, is to be knowledgeable about the work you are applying for.

Getting to Know Your Tool

Being a carpenter is a popular job nowadays. Everyone needs a carpenter to build things. And every day, things are being built. If you are an aspiring carpenter, then you must start learning the tools associated with that work. One tool that is common for a carpenter is the drill press vise. Are you familiar with it? If yes, what is that tool for?

This tool has a basic function of drilling holes. It is best suited for the type of work where a lot of holes need to be drilled. It is also a clamping device, which firmly holds the material on the place while it drills holes into it. Because of that, its drilled holes are precise and clean. It is very useful because of the easy maneuvering and convenience to use. This machine will be very handy while doing your work. Well, you can always ask friends and family if they are familiar with it. You can also search for its function on the internet. It takes grit to be a master of your work.